Ahead of Reunion With Chelsea, Newcastle Boss Expects Friendly Public Stamford Bridge Welcome

Ahead of Reunion With Chelsea, Newcastle Boss Expects Friendly Public Stamford Bridge Welcome

Although not so popular among Chelsea supporters despite having been the manager of the club but Rafael Benitez is apparently still convinced he will be welcomed when he led Newcastle United travel to Stamford Bridge on Saturday (2/12/2017) agenjudionline.pro. The Spanish manager believes his short success in London will still be an imprint on every Chelsea fan.

Benitez came to Chelsea in mid-November 2012 with an interim coach status when Roman Abrahamovic decided not to give Roberto Di Matteo a chance to make the game Frank Lampard cs improved despite being a defending champion in the Champions League. Although Benitez’s current status is the manager who fired Inter Milan but it seems Roman Abramovich has no other choice considering that at that time not many world-class architects are unemployed.

But during his six-month stint in west London Benitez never received a positive response from supporters. His background that coached Liverpool from 2004 to 2010 seems to make the former Real Madrid entrenador’s figure can not steal the hearts of his own supporters.

No problem with Chelsea fans

However now Benitez who has menukangi Newcastle since one and a half seasons admitted looking forward to reunion with the public Stamford Bridge. After five years of separation the 57-year-old coach believes he can be remembered with something good by Chelsea fans. Especially for the Blue he has given the best and even could win the Europa League 2012.

“I think fans (Chelsea) will be fine later. Those who are normal always act fair to me when passing on the street, “said Benitez when speaking at a press conference ahead of the game.

“When it comes to Chelsea their rivalry with Liverpool has changed my perception of me, but most still feel I’ve done my duty professionally. Everything went well when I was there because there were a lot of new friends, amazing staff, amazing fans too. ”

“I can make Chelsea finish in third position as Abramovich requests who want an automatic escape into the Champions League. We even won the Europa League. I’m sure fans are happy to achieve that, “added the man who started his managerial career with Real Madrid B.

Coming to a visit to the Bridge, Newcastle is actually not in the best condition. Although diprediski will be the promotion team with the best progress in the Premier League but the Magpies just a little choked up with the main factor is the difficulty moving in the transfer market. Benitez now with Newcastle is ranked 12th standings with a collection of 15 points. In the last four parties Matt Ritchie et al can only pick a single digit. (Source: Belfast Telegraph)

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