Barcelona And Arsenal Face Andre Silva

Barcelona And Arsenal Face Andre Silva

Barcelona joined Arsenal, who were spearheading the situation of the newly arrived AC Milan player at the San Siro last summer, Andre Silva

The Rossoneri take advantage of the transfer market very well. Seen from one of the new players they get is Andre Silva from Porto. But despite signing a five-year contract several months ago, there is still the possibility for him to leave Italy.

Barcelona sporting director Robert Fernandez is rumored to have watched the 21-year-old as he travels to Portugal. But apparently Barcelona is not alone because Arsenal was also targeting the same player.

It was reported that the Gunners want to get Silva to fill the position of Alexis Sanchez who will be the free agent status of the end of this season.

Sanchez has entered the final season of his contract and it looks like Arsenal and the fans did not want to extend his contract. Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain still seem to want the Chilean player.

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