Keown: Wenger Can Faster Leave Arsenal

Keown: Wenger Can Faster Leave Arsenal

After Arsenal returned to draw a draw in the Premier League competition, Martin Keown believes the work of Arsene Wenger in the near future will end soon.

The reason, with two draws each contra Southampton and also West Ham United, now the position of the Gunners in the standings slipped to seventh place by packing 30 points and it is rumored to immediately make the fans growled.

Although Arsenal’s chance to follow the Champions League is still open if winning the Europa League trophy this season, but Keown believes the end of the 2017-2018 season will be the end of Arsene handling the London Cannon.

“Arsenal have no advantage and they lose the advantage of their rivals, they slip deeper and deeper,” Martin Keown told the media. “It makes Wenger’s career finish sooner.”

“The Champions League now will not seem to have Arsene Wenger anymore.”

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