Persela Resmi Appoints Aji Santoso to Replace Herkis

Persela Resmi Appoints Aji Santoso to Replace Herkis

It did not take long for Persela Lamongan to get a new coach after Heri Kiswanto who chose to resign.

Herkis, greeting familiar Heri Kiswanto, officially release the title of head coach Persela on Wednesday (6/9/2017).

“Coach Heri himself who delivered the letter, as well as saying goodbye.We are very grateful to him.Hopefully he succeeded in the future,” said Persela Manager, Yunan Achmadi, as reported on the official club website.

Had surprisingly early in the League 1 competition, the performance of Laskar Joko Tingkir team began to decline at the end of the first round and then continued at the beginning of the second round.

However, it does not take long for Persela management to get a new head coach figure to continue the vacant seat after the death of Herkis.

Management has announced that Aji Santoso is believed to be the architect of the team again. This is a chance second time the former coach Arema FC.

Previously, Aji has also replaced Sutan Harhara towards the end of the 2014 TSC title.

“Since today, Aji Santoso has officially become the coach of Persela,” said assistant manager of Persela, Yuhronur Efendi.

Although certainty is obtained, Aji will not directly handle Choirul Huda and his friends when entertaining Perseru Serui at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Friday (08/09/2017) afternoon.

In this fight, the team’s control is still entrusted to Ragil Sudirman, assistant coach who is believed to be a caretaker.

“I have a temporary mandate for command of Persela, but God willing, coach Aji (Santoso) also came to the stadium to watch the match against Serui,” said Ragil.

He also hopes, the players can play Persela maximum and total in issuing the best ability when facing Perseru.

It was necessary to immediately end the bad episode achieved in the last few games, although the team is in the transition of head coach position.

“Hopefully the players will be more disciplined in the position of tomorrow’s game and the spirit will hopefully be victorious,” Ragil said.

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