Pochettino: Harry Kane’s Goal Not Forgotten

Pochettino: Harry Kane’s Goal Not Forgotten

Tottenham Hotspur coach Mauricio Pochettino says he has one moment that can not be missed when one of his flagship players, Harry Kane scored.

Kane has been successfully transformed as the White Army’s goal machine in recent seasons, but there is one goal the coach rated unforgettable, which happened in 2014.

“There is one goal in 2014 that makes me not be able to forget it until whenever, he successfully did it very beautiful,” said Pochettino told the media.

“It was about my career, I was getting a tough warning from the club, but Kane was successful in doing extraordinary things, so I finally got another chance until now,”

In the last game he again successfully recorded two goals when Tottenjam successfully beat West Ham in away match on Saturday night.

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