Prediction Persija Vs Persipura: Intip Opportunity 4 Great

Prediction Persija Vs Persipura: Intip Opportunity 4 Great
Persija Jakarta will be guests of Persipura Jayapura at Patriot Stadium, Bekasi, Saturday (7/8/2017). Their efforts to achieve full points will obviously be winding in the game this 13th week Mengatasi Wajah Berminyak.

Full points clearly proclaimed troops Stefano Cugurra Teco in action later. Therefore, a 1-1 draw at Gresik United headquarters last week hampered their pace. Now, the opportunity to rangsek to the big four wide open. Tiger Kemayoran who is in seventh position can rise to the top four if successful conquer Persipura.

Against Persipura, Persija have a not very good note. Of the last seven meetings, they only won two victories, and two of them ended defeat. But, the positive value, Macan Kemayoran is in a stable performance with Teco.

Bambang Pamungkas and his friends in the last seven unbeaten games. Special, four in between the fight was successfully achieved with a victory.

“I know Persipura is hard to beat, they were champions last season, we respect them but Persija has seen the video game of Persipura, and we already know how to overcome them,” said Stefano Teco.

Meanwhile, the visitors came to Jakarta with positive capital. They have just won big, ie six goals without reply during Mitra Kukar herbal medicine in the 12th week ago in Jayapura. The match became a sweet debut Wanderley Santos Junior alongside the Black Pearl. Obviously, it is a danger signal sent for Persija.

Persipura itself brings the mission to reach the top of the standings. Now, those who are in third, just one point away from the leadership standings, PSM Makassar.

“We’ve forgotten the victory yesterday, it’s a different game, Persija is a great team, but we have the best team we’ve got full points here,” Wanderley said.
Match Facts

– The record did not concede Persija in five consecutive games must be stopped when held 1-1 by Gresik United.

– Last time Persija win over Persipura is on May 13, 2012. At that time Rahmat Affandi be a hero in Mandala.

– In the last three meetings, the draw is always adorned. Last time there was a winner on June 4, 2013 when Persija 2-3 down from Persipura in Jakarta.

– Persipura with Mitra Kukar become the second best team in the goalscoring, ie 21. They just lost to Madura United who print 22 goals.

– Persija itself is still a team at least conceded in League 1 with six goals.

Head to Head
10/09/16 Persija Jakarta 1 – 1 Persipura Jayapura
29/04/16 Persipura Jayapura 1 – 1 Persija Jakarta
23/03/16 Persipura Jayapura 0 – 0 Persija Jakarta
04/06/13 Persija Jakarta 2 – 3 Persipura Jayapura
02/04/13 Persipura Jayapura 1 – 0 Persija Jakarta

5 Persija Last Game Jakarta:
04/07/17 Gresik United 1 – 1 Persija Jakarta
16/06/17 Persija Jakarta 1 – 0 Sriwijaya FC
08/06/17 PS TNI 0 – 2 Persija Jakarta
02/06/17 Persija Jakarta 2 – 0 Arema FC
21/05/17 Persija Jakarta 0 – 0 Bali United

5 Final Matches Persipura Jayapura:
03/07/17 Persipura Jayapura 6 – 0 Mitra Kukar
14/06/17 Persela Lamongan 0 – 1 Persipura Jayapura
07/06/17 Madura United 2 – 0 Persipura Jayapura
03/06/17 PSM Makassar 5 – 1 Persipura Jayapura
30/05/17 Persipura Jayapura 3 – 1 Barito Putera
Players Forecast

Persija: Andritany Ardhiyasa, Ismed Sofyan, Maman Abdurrahman, Willian Pacheco, Ryuji Utomo, Sutanto Tan, Rohit Chand, Sandi Sute, Muhammad Hargianto, Ambrizal Umanailo, Luiz JĂșnior

Persipura: Yoo Jae-Hoon, Ricardo Salampessy, Ruben Sanadi, Justin Pae, Ian Kabes, Nelson Alom, Muhammad Tahir, Victor Pae, Prisca Womsiwor, Addison, Boaz Solossa.

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